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7:45AM – 8:25AM

Breakfast & Registration 2018-04-17T23:17:43+00:00

8:25AM – 9:05AM

Breakfast Panel: From the White House to the Boardroom 2018-09-25T14:52:05+00:00

Former White House press secretaries Robert Gibbs and Josh Earnest talk about their journey into the worlds of brand and corporate communications in conversation with PRWeek editorial director Steve Barrett. They will describe the skills that translate between the two very different jobs and outline the particular challenges and opportunities for smart communications counsel in the corporate world compared to politics.  


Robert Gibbs, CCO & EVP of corporate relations, McDonald’s
Josh Earnest, CCO, United Airlines

Moderator: Steve Barrett, VP, editorial director, PRWeek

9:05AM – 9:10AM

Welcome 2018-09-24T18:29:26+00:00

9:10AM – 9:40AM

Opening keynote: The leading disruptor 2018-09-24T19:22:30+00:00

Grubhub has achieved the rare feat of being the clear leader in their space while still exemplifying the traits of a disruptor brand. In this fireside chat, come hear from Matt Maloney, the founder and CEO of Grubhub, who will discuss the company’s evolving media and stakeholder landscape, how competition has changed over the years, and his personal approach to always think and communicate about the brand.

Speaker: Matt Maloney, founder and CEO, Grubhub
Moderator: Gideon Fidelzeid, managing editor, PRWeek

9:45AM – 10:15AM

Producing for your customers 2018-07-06T14:47:38+00:00

Product launches and the customer experience. Brands have to get these right – every time. In this session, get an inside look at the playbook of a man who has done just that for 20-plus years for some of the biggest names in the auto and food sectors. His secret? Embracing and implementing the latest digital tactics and tools.

Speaker: DeLu Jackson, VP, precision marketing, Conagra

10:20AM – 10:45AM

The new imperative: transforming comms from an expense line to a boardroom business driver 2018-09-11T21:01:50+00:00

It’s no longer a choice. Today’s modern communicators are embracing technology to enhance the power and effectiveness of their story-telling. Done correctly, this meeting of art and science is a marriage made in heaven. Earned Media Management, a strategic framework designed to modernize the comms function from an expense into a business driver, combines the craft of storytelling with modern technology and data insights to effectively measure the true value of comms campaigns. Cision CMO Chris Lynch and Sprint’s SVP of Corporate Communications David Tovar will discuss the specifics of Earned Media Management and how it’s enabling comms pros to communicate – and succeed – like never before.

Chris Lynch, CMO, Cision
Dave Tovar, SVP, corporate communications, Sprint

Sponsored by: Cision

10:45AM – 10:55AM

Recharge Interstitial- 3 Keys for Cracking Every Digital Reputation Crisis 2018-08-29T16:09:23+00:00
A digital reputation crisis need not be a fatal event. In this actionable session we will discuss several well-known recent reputational crises, why their digital reputations remain compromised, and what steps could be taken to fix them. You will learn strategies to improve digital footprints, methods to take more control of search results related to a crisis, and a proven digital approach to recovering from reputational damage.

Sam Michelson, CEO and founder, Five Blocks

Sponsored by: Five Blocks

10:55AM – 11:10AM

Time Out 2018-04-18T00:14:36+00:00

Grab a coffee and snack and network with your fellow attendees

11:10AM – 11:50AM

Time to be emPOWERed 2018-09-25T13:46:32+00:00

PRWeek’s 2018 Power List comes to life in this session featuring leaders who have made PR’s most prestigious list. You will be inspired and enlightened as our esteemed panelists discuss their path to the industry summit, their views on the discipline’s evolution during their careers, and what they deem to be crucial skills for modern communicators to thrive.

Jano Cabrera, SVP, U.S. comms, global media and PR, McDonald’s
Janice Kapner, EVP, comms and community engagement, T-Mobile

Dave Samson, GM, public affairs, Chevron
Charlene Wheeless, principal VP, corporate affairs, Bechtel

Moderator: Gideon Fidelzeid, managing editor, PRWeek

11:55AM – 12:25PM

Brands Taking a Stand 2018-09-28T20:38:35+00:00

Navigating a complex political climate and taking a stand. Every brand out there faces this today – and this session will provide a master class on how to proceed via insights from the exclusive Edelman Earned Brand Study, as well as the thoughts and experiences from an expert panel that includes…

Richard Edelman, CEO, Edelman
Beth Engelmann, CMO & CCO, DMI (Dairy Management, Inc.)
Joe Lockhart, former EVP of comms, National Football League; former VP of global comms, Facebook; vice chairman, public affairs,  Edelman

Moderator: Steve Barrett, VP, editorial director, PRWeek

Sponsored by: Edelman

12:25PM – 1:15PM

Lunch 2018-04-17T23:25:17+00:00

1:15PM – 1:40PM

The “Journey” to your best brand content 2018-07-06T14:37:12+00:00

Producing content has become table stakes for brands. But few have mastered it as The Coca-Cola Company has with Coca-Cola Journey. So as you ponder how to kick your content creation up a notch, come hear from the man driving content for the constantly evolving site, as well as the comms leader who not only contributes to its success, but considers it among his team’s most powerful storytelling tools.

Jay Moye, editor-in-chief, Coca-Cola Journey
Kent Landers, VP, external communications, Coca-Cola North America

1:40PM – 2:25PM | Breaking Through the Clutter

Tech Talk | 1:40PM – 2:00PM

Are site-wide metrics the new AVE? 2018-10-10T04:23:19+00:00

We all know AVE is the taboo metric in Public Relations but are the metrics you’re using just as bad?
Whether you’re in-house or agency-side measuring the success of PR activity is a challenge.
In this tech-talk Stella explores why uniques and monthly traffic figures are useless in measurement & shares an alternative that will provide true insight and feed strategy.

Speaker: Stella Bayles, Co-founder, CoverageBook

Sponsored by Coverage Book

StartUp Talk | 1:40PM – 2:00PM

The Price of Attention in a Digital Age 2018-10-10T04:16:39+00:00

Attention. What is it? How do we use it and where does it come from? Brands are in perpetual competition to capture it and consumers are more choiceful about where they give it up. We’ll explore what attention is, how it works and what brands can do to earn it.

Speaker: Charlie Hart, director of masterbrand, RXBAR

Tech Talk | 2:05PM – 2:25PM

Brand Storytelling with AR/VR 2018-10-10T04:17:57+00:00

Learn how to create one-of-a-kind brand experiences  with immersive technologies. In this session, Josh shares examples of leading brands integrating AR and VR into their storytelling strategies.  Experience how technology can be leveraged to build a strong, memorable brand identity, while gaining a massive PR boost.

Speaker: Josh Farkas, CEO, Cubicle Ninjas

StartUp Talk  | 2:05PM – 2:25PM

Guerrilla PR Tactics from a Serial Entrepreneur Perspective 2018-10-10T04:28:08+00:00

Hear distinctive PR strategies that will help raise credibility for your company’s brand.

Speaker: Eric R. Broughton, CEO, co-founder, ApartmentJet

2:25PM – 3:00PM | Deep Dive Workshops 

Skills Improvement Track

Nets and Spears: Evaluating the impact of technology on media distribution methods 2018-09-27T14:48:26+00:00

Technology has traditionally driven a wedge between media relations professionals and journalists. Today, while only 3% of journalists report that they rely on newswires for sourcing news, many PR pros still rely on mass distribution tactics. With more options and opportunities than ever before, how should communications professionals determine which channels and tactics to use? In this session, Greg, CEO of Muck Rack and the Shorty Awards, will lead a discussion on best practices for connecting with journalists and the increasing impact of technology on relationship management, from mass distribution, to personalized pitches, to building relationships via social media.

Speaker: Greg Galant, CEO, Muck Rack  

Senior Leadership Track

Relationships remain the center of digital communications 2018-10-12T14:58:39+00:00

We are living in a digital world, but at the core of any digital strategy or activation is the brand’s relationship with its target audiences.  PR’s role is now and has always been the development and nurturing of these relationships. This session will review how PR ensures that the brand’s voice and values are delivered clearly, consistently and with resonance in service of an authentic connection with stakeholders.

Speaker: Sandra Stahl , co-founder, jacobstahl; author, The Art & Craft of PR

3:00PM – 3:30PM

Time Out 2018-04-18T00:14:36+00:00

Grab a coffee and snack and network with your fellow attendees

3:30PM – 3:55PM

4:00PM – 4:25PM

4:25PM – 4:35PM

Recharge Interstitial- When your brand finds itself in the eye of the storm 2018-09-19T18:46:19+00:00

In this short presentation, Neil Steinberg, Vice President, Dataminr will showcase how brands can unknowingly find themselves at the center of a public affairs issue. He will demonstrate how brands can use real-time social media data to protect their reputation and minimize public relations missteps. Through real examples, he’ll explain how social media can be an early indicator of emerging brand concerns and how to develop effective response strategies.

Neil Steinberg, vice president, Dataminr

4:35PM – 5:05PM

Survey says: PR poised to take the lead 2018-09-27T14:30:38+00:00

To coincide with our 20th anniversary, PRWeek U.S. has teamed up with Boston University to undertake one of the most comprehensive surveys ever measuring thoughts and opinions of PR/comms professionals. The 2018 Communications Bellwether Survey canvased 1,500 PR pros to find out what factors are influencing their day-to-day jobs and the trends shaping the profession. This session convenes senior PR pros to lift the lid on the data and analyze what its findings mean for the future.

Donald Wright, Harold Burson Professor & Chair in Public Relations, College of Communication, Boston University
Arunima Krishna, assistant professor of Public Relations, College of Communication,  Boston University
Marisa Bradley, brand & CEO communications, Ford Motor Company
Christine Schirmer, head of communications, Pinterest

Moderator: Steve Barrett, VP, editorial director, PRWeek


5:05PM – 5:35PM

Closing Keynote: The path of a pioneer 2018-09-24T19:23:10+00:00

The career of Jacqueline Parkes, CMO and EVP, digital studios at MTV, VH1, and Logo, is a testament to innovation and reinvention. She has held the number-one spot on Forbes‘ list of most influential CMOs on social media. If that weren’t enough, prior to her current role, she served as CMO of Major League Baseball, the first female to ever hold that post at a professional sports league. Come hear from this trailblazer as she shares her tactics, inspirations, and continuing efforts to break the glass ceiling.

Speaker: Jacqueline Parkes, CMO and EVP, digital studios, MTV, VH1, and Logo
Moderator: Gideon Fidelzeid, managing editor, PRWeek

5:40PM – 6:40PM

Closing Cocktail Reception 2018-04-17T23:30:27+00:00